Kaduna Marathon was established through the collaborative efforts of Kaduna State Government and its partners with a view to further showcase and promote the sporting talent that abounds in the state. The event will also attract leading international marathon runners in a bid to strengthen its position as a foremost sporting venue that has produced many world-class athletes in Nigeria. The vision of Kaduna Marathon is to establish a sustainable, diversified, community focused running event, encouraging athletes at all levels to lead healthy and competitive lifestyles and further their personal fitness through running. In addition, the event plans to promote unity in Kaduna, showcase its rich culture and its potential as a sporting and recreation venue. The Marathon is a half Marathon which is 22km long.


  • Kaduna State is the Centre of Learning. It hosts the oldest university in northern Nigeria, the Ahmadu Bello University, which is also the largest in Nigeria. At least 22 other tertiary institutions call the state home, including universities, polytechnics, and research institutes such as the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), Kaduna, and the Nigerian College of Civil Aviation, Zaria, among many others.
  • Located in the north-west part of Nigeria, Kaduna is about 200km from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is the fourth largest state in the country with a landmass of approximately 46,000 square kilometres, most of which is arable.
  • It is the third most populous state, with an estimated population of 10 million growing at a rate of 2.5% per year as of 2020.
  • It has a tropical climate with dry and wet seasons and an average annual temperature of around 25°C.
  • Kaduna State is multi-cultural and multireligious. It is home to over 60 different ethnic groups. Kaduna is a cosmopolitan state; Myriad tribes around Nigeria have settled in Kaduna and called it their home.
  • Kaduna State has a young population, with 43% of the state’s inhabitants aged 14 or younger, and just 3% over 65. Overall, 85% of the population is below 35 years of age.
  • Its capital city, Kaduna, celebrated its centenary in 2017. The city was created by Lord Lugard to serve as the capital of Northern Nigeria, a status it retained until 1967 when 12 states replaced the country’s four regions. Kaduna city became the capital of the North-Central States in 1967, capital of Kaduna State in 1976, and kept the status when the old Katsina Province was excised from it in 1991 to create Katsina State.
  • Kaduna State has many tourist attractions. They include the Nok Culture site at Kwoi in Jaba LGA, the Maitsirga Water Falls in Kafanchan, Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club within Kangimi Resorts in Igabi LGA. For more information on Kaduna State, log on to www.kdsg.gov.ng
  • Kaduna has hosted international sporting events such as the 8th All-African Games in 2003 and FIFA World Youth Champion (Group B) matches in 1999.
  • To drive investments and provide a conducive environment for the private sector to thrive, Kaduna established the Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency(KADIPA), a one-stop centre for investors to simplify the ease of doing business in the state. Through this platform, Kaduna has attracted domestic and foreign assets worth about $800m with further investment announcements of about $2.1Bn. According to the World Bank, Kaduna is first in ease of doing business against the 24th position in 2018.
Kaduna Marathon